WiseWind: New generation of sustainable wind turbine blades

The WISEWIND project focuses on developing new blade materials, which will ensure re-processability, easy reparability and repeated recyclability of blades. New generation of recyclable wind turbine blades, based on vitrimer resins, is developed, on the basis of a digital twin of blade materials “from cradle to cradle”.

Schema of the project

Graphical abstract


Leon Mishnaevsky Jr. Senior Scientist Department of Wind and Energy Systems


Justine Beauson Development Engineer Department of Wind and Energy Systems

Work Packages

  • WP1: “Development of new generation of sustainable composites”
  • WP2: “Digital twin for sustainable blade composites from cradle to cradle”
  • WP3: “Optimization and evaluation of manufacturing technology”
  • WP4: “Recycling technology for new generation of composites”
  • WP5: “Sustainability analysis”

Publications and Events